Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Highland Lake Inn’s Armer Ritter, Pain Perdu, or French Toast.

We have had many requests for our recipe of Armer Ritter, Pain Perdu, or better known here as French Toast. Since Pecco Beaufaÿs hails a trained chef from the Sacher Hotel, Vienna, Austria, he doesn’t really go by any recipe; he eyeballs the ingredients to find the correct proportions; however, the mixture is virtually idiot-proof!
First, begin with wonderful soft and tasty bread such as Raisin Pecan, Challah, or airy French bread. Create a cream mixture of eggs, heavy cream, cinnamon-sugar, a splash of vanilla and a jigger of orange juice. Pour over the bread and let it absorb into the bread. Then, fry the bread slices up in a pan with unsalted butter until golden colored.  Serve immediately besprinkled with confectionary sugar and doused with Maple syrup. 
For four servings: 4 eggs, one cup of cream, and a dash of the other ingredients. 
Guten Appetit! Bon appétit! Enjoy! 

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