Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An interview with Marilyn Gordon innkeeper and co-owner of the Candlelite Inn

Marilyn says her favorite thing about owning a B&B is the people you meet. "We have met people from all over the world and throughout the US. We have had an Indian chief stay with us, a celebrity, and several chefs from the Boston area." They decided to become innkeepers for the lifestyle. "Running the B&B was our retirement. A slower pace than NJ. We both feel that this is the best job that either of us has ever had."

Before becoming B&B owners, Marilyn was in banking for 10 years and then took time off to raise 2 girls. She went back into banking for another 15 years after that. She worked mostly as a teller and a head teller and also as a customer service rep. Les was a machinist and now he has put his skill as a jack of all trades here into projects at the Inn. Marilyn finds the most challenging thing about running a B&B currently is giving value to their guests in this economic climate.

Les and Marilyn have been running the Inn for 18 years. They bought the inn through bank auction and it needed a great deal of repair at the time. There wasn't any furniture other then a few things that they brought with them, so they spent a lot of time going to auctions and barn sales which they said was lots of fun. Everything in the inn was bought in New Hampshire.

"Guests have said our breakfasts are one of the main reasons they come to stay at our B&B," Marilyn says. "We serve dessert for breakfast. Of course that's something you don't do at home. Many people have said when they walk into the Inn that it reminds them of their grandmother's house. Lot's of memories."
The Candlelite Inn mostly attracts the 40's, 50's & 60 year olds as guests. Marilyn likes to say that this area is for grown-ups. It's a little more laid back, quiet, relaxing and restful; but still a lot to do. Marilyn mentions that in the Lake Sunapee area there is the John Hay Estate, the cruise & dinner boats on Lake Sunapee, Mt Sunapee Resort, walking trails, covered bridges. There is something for everyone here, boating, biking, historical attractions and more.

Marilyn says in response to: What would you say to people who have never stayed in a bed and breakfast before? "They should definitely try it. Also to go to more than one. Each B&B is different; each innkeeper is different and each area is different." "We try to make our guest's stay here special with the little touches throughout the Inn - from the little knick knacks to the presentation of their breakfast. Also upon departure, I give them a little gift to take home as a remembrance of their stay with us." She mentions that her menus are seasonal but there are a few recipes she makes at the inn at the time, as they are particular guest favorites.

When asked what do you feel makes your B&B different from other B&Bs? Marilyn says, "I think that each innkeeper puts a little of themselves in their B&B. I enjoy cooking, so there is always some new recipe that I am trying out on my guests." She also thinks that B&B differ from hotels in that B&B's are a lot friendlier, you get to meet some great people who are also staying at the B&B and of course, the innkeepers know all the good spots to eat and see.
Candlelite Inn
5 Greenhouse Lane,
Bradford, NH
This award winning, country Victorian Inn has all the grace and charm for that
perfect getaway.